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Virgil's Inferno

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  1. Hello Caitlin!

    Your intro is really good! Dante's inferno sounds pretty horrific lol. I'm a fan of the picture you used for the header! I think your intro is well written. Lots of imagery. There's nothing really that I felt confused about. The only suggestions I could think of is maybe adding a description or something to tell us why you included those two pictures? I think I know why you did, but it would be nice to know your reasoning for them. Also, I never read this story so I'm not entirely sure who Dante or Virgil are. Maybe you plan on introducing them later in the story or maybe an introduction is irrelevant, but if neither of those are the case then a small introduction would be nice. Other than that, your project seems dope, can't wait to read the finished product! Good luck hope you have a great semester!

  2. Hello Caitlin,
    I have to say that I love the layout of your website! I like the fire in the background of the title it makes it look extra sinister. I have never read Dante’s Inferno myself so I enjoyed reading the Introduction which gave me a brief rundown of what to expect. I now find myself really interested to read the book as well as the stories you will write. My only question is regarding what will the stories you will write be about? I know now what the 9 circles of hell are about but I don’t know what kind of story you will make it into. I think if you broke the circles down three ways that would be good. Like how he journeyed through three circles each story resulting in a total of nine. I assume that is probably what you will do for your story. So far I like the look of the website and the introduction reads well. Can’t wait to see what else you have to write!

  3. Hey Caitlin,

    I really enjoyed your layout for Dante’s Inferno and thought the pictures did a great job showing what this story is going to be about. I have never read Dante’s Inferno and have always wanted to, so your storybook is something that I am going to be focusing on. I feel like the stories you are going to take and talk about will help me get a better overview of the whole story without having to crack open the book. What I really liked was that you gave us an in-depth description of each circle of hell. I never knew there were nine circles, so it was nice to get some background and a look into each one. One suggestion I would give is to let us know what stories or circles you are going to be focusing on during this story book. I feel that it would better prepare us for what we are going to be reading as you add more stories. Also, maybe I am just blind, but I could not find a link to your comment wall. Overall, I thought you did a phenomenal job and cannot wait to read more from you!

  4. Hi Caitlin! Your storybook looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with it! I love that you spent the introduction giving background because it gives such a great foundation for the readers. I have not read about the Nine Circles of Hell since high school so this was a great refresher. I can already tell it is setting up and preparing the reader for some great stories!

    It could be helpful to provide a little bit of information in your introduction about what the storybook specifically will be about? Although that might be soon to say, and you might have a reason for keeping that information to yourself for now.

    I love the layout of the website, by the way! It really puts the reader in the mood, with the whole fire image to start with. I'm excited to see the end result of your storybook!

  5. Hi Caitlin,

    This is such a cool concept! Really great choice, and I’m enjoying it a lot so far.

    My favorite part so far was the introduction; I think the writing works well and I like that we don’t yet really know who is speaking, though we get some clues to their origins and historical time period. I love your line about vice being out of style!

    One thing to clarify — possibly — is that the first story is not one that Virgil is writing while in hell, but that it is about his time there. (Unless I’m getting this wrong, of course.) The discussion of writing poems and stories in the introduction could make it sound like this is a frame story and that your remaining stories will those written by Virgil while in Hell (which could also be very cool, but I don’t think that’s your plan from what I can tell).

    (By the way, there seems to be a typo in your last paragraph: “I wanted to because he was asking f” – the “f” is unnecessary, I think.)


  6. Hey Caitlin! I just got done reading your introduction and first story. My storybook project is based on Dante's Inferno as well, so I was immediately intrigued by your project. I think it was a great idea to write these stories from Virgil's point of view rather than Dante's. I think that gives the reader a chance to learn more not only about who he is, but also his perspective on the story. I think that your writing is really descriptive and informal, which made it much easier to read. However, what do you think of breaking your paragraphs into smaller ones? I think that within a story, you could make for a lot of transitions and end paragraphs in an emphatic way. Overall, I think you did a really good job, and I definitely left your website with some ideas on how to improve my stories as well! I'm definitely going to be looking for your stories the rest of the semester.

  7. Howdy,
    I apologize, but I could not find a link on your webpage that led to your comment wall. I looked all over it and could not find one, save the link that went to your blog, but I still had to search your blog for the comment wall. I think it would be really helpful if you added a link to the comment wall on your homepage. I am really enjoying all that you have written so far. You are really bringing the characters to life and I am getting a good sense of what they are like. I am curious to know what you mean when you said he spoke his c like an h, I did not quite understand that part. Haha, is the second circle of hell really just super windy all of the time? That sounds just like Oklahoma to me, I guess this must be the second circle.

  8. Hi Caitlin!

    Your storybook is very interesting! I really like the spin that you have put on Inferno. As far as author's notes go, I am very impressed by yours. I like how in "Virgil" the author's note appears to be in a different/smaller font. I really like how you did that because it makes it very clear where the story ends and where your author's note begin. If you wanted to, you could implement that strategy in "Heroes." Your author's notes are very specific and detailed. Not only do you tell us your creative process, but you also share details about the original stories. You make sure that you explain details in your story that could be confusing to readers. Additionally, you add more explanations so that readers have a clear understanding of what was going on during the time period that the story took place in. After reading your stories, I feel as if I have actually learned something about Inferno. Good job!

  9. Hey Caitlin,

    I read your story about Virgil and thought it was pretty good! That sounds pretty scary, having to go to the center of Hell and asking the Devil for a petition into Heaven! I like the amount of detail and dialogue you included in the exchange between Virgil and Dante. The part where Virgil said Dante needed more gold and color made the differences between the two pretty clear. I wonder what Virgil was going to say to the devil to make the case for the appeal? Did he do some kind of good deed in Hell that was worthy of going to Heaven? Or did he ponder about his time on Earth and determined he belonged in Heaven? I'm also a little surprised that Virgil was initially reluctant to invite Dante on the journey since he was also a writer. Anyways looking forward to the next story!

  10. Hello Caitlin! Your website was really awesome! I thought you put a lot of thought into your stories and they were really entertaining. The main parts of the story with the trip to hell and having to talk to the Devil is crazy! That would be something that I have nightmares about. The images that you used really made the stories pop and gave it some visuals to go along with. This week is a focus on the paragraphs of the stories. I thought you did a great job with spacing your paragraphs to where they were too long or too short. They were perfect size to be able to get the most information out of them, as well as not be overwhelmed with information. I know some stories separate their dialogue with paragraphs and you may try that if you get into stories with a lot of dialogue to help with less confusion. Other than that your website and stories are amazing and I am excited to see what you come up with in the future.

  11. Hi Caitlin! Your storybook idea of appeals to get out of hell is very creative and caught my interest. I have some feedback that I hope helps!

    Your introduction doesn't name the narrator as Virgil, the Roman poet, which I don't know if that was intentional or not. I would also go back and make sure every "Devil" is capitalized, as one was not in, "I had to go to the devil at the center of Hell for my first..." from the first paragraph of your "Virgil" page using the ctrl and f keys.
    Our narrator being in Hell partially for not following Christ, even though Christ did not exist in his lifetime.
    Helen's plight was sympathetic as an all-lose situation. Either she would be in HellHell for leaving her awful husband or for not listening to a goddess about leaving her husband to marry another man.
    I'm also curious about the appeal process you have set up. Is there more background about whether the Devil is fair enough to give appeals? Have appeals been approved before? Why did Virgil wait so long to start his appeal process, or does such a process take hundreds of years because of the time relevance in an immortal life?

    1. Caitlyn,
      This topic is a very interesting one. I like it! I have always thought the Underworld was very interesting. While reading your introduction I did not get any preface of what was to come in your story. Maybe you could add what the stories will be about there? I really like how you mention the different circles of hell. I never knew there were different levels for different sins. I did wonder what type of mythology this story was? You mention christianity but there seems to be some Greek mythology in here as well. I am wondering who sent all of these people to hell? God or Gods? I think you did well in describing the surrounding in hell when you told the Wind story. However, it almost seems like Hell is not bad of a place. Maybe you could add some more detail to make the surroundings more treacherous? Just some additional thoughts! Also, I did see some typos here and there so you might want to reread those and fix the minor details.

  12. Hi Caitlin! I really enjoyed reading through your storybook. I think you had a great conceptual frame with which to work, and you built your stories within this framework to give your storybook some great cohesion. Great job! One thing I really liked, which is a really minor detail (but a cool one in my opinion), is the link you have to Brunetto Latini at the bottom of every page. As Rebekah noted in an earlier comment, you do not name the narrator as Virgil outright, and the inclusion of Brunetto Latini on every page, with a link to his Wikipedia page to give the reader information about him, leads me to believe he is the protagonist. However, since I am in the Epics of India class and have not read Dante's Inferno, I might be totally off-base with this guess. Anyway, it looks like you've finished the class, so have a great break!


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